“How can we apply our knowledge of semiconductors to create electronic switches?”


P and N type semiconductors are highly useful devices for creating a controlled electric current. However, how could we apply this technology to create something incredibly useful? Well, let’s use our technical mindset to figure this out. We know that if an N type and a P type were hooked up together and the P type had a higher voltage than the N type,, then a flow of extra electrons from the N type (called the “emitter” would come in to fill the P type (called the “base”). Furthermore, if there was an another N-type (called the “receiver”) electron on the other side of the P-type that was even more positively charged, then we would be able to not only have an electron flow but be able to control the amount of current flowing. However, our only problem is that this operation can only take place if both the base and the receiver had a positive voltage. This can be easily fixed through applying a positive voltage to the base, allowing not only for a current to take place but control of the current and voltage to happen as well, effectively making a switch with no moving parts! This is the foundation of an electronic component known as the transistor, and is what allowed for the modern computer revolution to have taken place!


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